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乳交视频 College is committed to providing a challenging curriculum for all its students. In addition, we provide opportunities and support for students identified as gifted and talented. Our SHINE Program for students in Kindy to Year 10 delivers educational experiences of an appropriate depth and breadth for students identified as having exceptional academic ability.

The SHINE program is designed to provide an engaging and challenging curriculum for students to develop their aptitudes and talents.

In the SHINE program students are encouraged to solve, hypothesise, investigate problems, concepts, or topics. They are also encouraged to navigate their own learning. The purpose of this program is to enrich student鈥檚 learning.

The program is designed with the College鈥檚 four pedagogical principles in mind:

  • Students are CHALLENGED to engage in critical and creative thinking tasks.
  • Students are guided through COLLABORATIVE approaches to learning with like-minded peers.
  • Students CREATE solutions and prototypes to demonstrate their learning.
  • The College and students CELEBRATE students鈥 efforts, learning and growth.

SHINE at 乳交视频 College

In the primary and secondary school students are encouraged and supported to realise their full potential in a wide variety of ways. The College is committed to supporting and providing enrichment and extension opportunities for gifted and talented students.

Students are encouraged to challenge, collaborate, create, and celebrate their academic success in their coursework. There are a wide range of ways students with exceptional academic potential or talent in a particular area are supported and challenged to help them develop their gifts and talents. This includes, but is not limited to, extension classes in different disciplines commencing at different year levels. Students will also be provided with the opportunity to undertake challenging and complex learning tasks with like-minded peers with the support and guidance of a Gifted and Talented teacher.

In addition to this, the College is committed to the development and use of problem-based learning, design thinking principles and authentic learning, including immersion opportunities, to enhance the critical and creative thinking capabilities for students.

Program Selection

Students are invited into the various SHINE program levels using a multi-faceted identification process. This includes both subjective and objective tests and reports. Student鈥檚 progress, suitability, and readiness for the various stages of the programs is reviewed regularly.

SHINE Co-curricular Opportunities

There are a wide range of academic competitions that are offered at the College including (but not limited to): Maths, Science and the Performing Arts. 乳交视频 College has spent several years competing in the following competitions: Future Problem Solving, Da Vinci Decathlon, the Ethics Olympiad, the Maths Olympiad, the World Scholar鈥檚 Cup and the STEM Challenge Day.

Gifted Students

In addition to the programs and competitions offered across the College, some students may require further individualised support to support and extend their gifts and talents. Students formally identified as gifted will be provided with additional support, case-management and mentoring to support them on their learning journey.